solar-energy-lincolnStewarts Plumbing Services are always looking at the advances in new and renewable technology, and with solar; it would be hard to find a more environmentally friendly power supply. Clean and green, solar power is a renewable, sustainable and non-polluting source of energy. It is easy to see the appeal of solar power for domestic use. Low maintenance and long lasting, it is a highly cost-effective and reliable energy supply.
We have a wide portfolio of solar heating systems that we have installed and commissioned. The results have been truly amazing. The majority of our customers have seen large benefits to having their water heated directly by the sun, with most, not even needing their boilers during the summer months.
There are many different solar panels and tubes available on the market. Some can even be built into the roof making the whole installation totally unobtrusive, the panel will then look very similar to a velux window once installed.
Stewarts Plumbing Services can cater for all your solar needs and will happily send a fully qualified solar engineer to your property to evaluate and competitively quote for the whole installation.