Comfort is a major factor within any heating installation.
Whereas radiators distribute their heat by convection, resulting in a higher temperature at ceiling level, UFH works by means of radiant heating, distributing it evenly through the room with no floor draughts.
Stewarts Plumbing Services are mainly involved with ‘wet’ Underfloor heating systems. Pipes are laid and clipped to high performance polystyrene and then either a screed or timber floor laid over the top. The pipes are all connected together at a manifold, usually located in a cupboard.
Underfloor heating is mainly considered to be suitable for newly constructed homes. It can, however, be retro fitted subject to certain site conditions. Other popular alternatives are the single room packs, available for extentions to existing dwellings.
We have found that once our customers have underfloor heating, they will not go back to a conventional radiator system; the demand for underfloor heating is becoming increasingly apparent. It will certainly add to the comfort levels in the property and could even add a substantial amount to the value of your house.